Minas Tirith

Sindarin: Minas Tirith ‘Tower of the Guard’ (as also known in English, German)

Sindarin: Minas Anor ‘Tower of the Sun’

English: Tower of Guard

German: Turm der Wacht ‘Tower of Guard’

Rohirric: Mundburg

Minas Anor — Tolkien Gateway

Minas Tirith — Tolkien Gateway

Mundburg — Tolkien Gateway

White Tower — Tolkien Gateway

Minas Tirith — The Thain's Book

City of Gondor, Minas Tirith beneath Mindolluin. — Encyclopedia Arda

Hill of Guard, The hill of Minas Tirith. — Encyclopedia Arda

Minas Anor, The Tower of the Setting Sun. — Encyclopedia Arda

Minas Tirith / Minas Tirith, Gondor, Gondor's Tower of Guard. — Encyclopedia Arda

Mundburg, A name for Minas Tirith. — Encyclopedia Arda

Tower of Guard, A name for Minas Tirith. — Encyclopedia Arda

Tower of the Setting Sun, A name for Minas Anor. — Encyclopedia Arda

Tower of the Sun, The city that would become Minas Tirith. — Encyclopedia Arda

White Tower, The Tower of Minas Tirith. — Encyclopedia Arda

Amon Tirith, The Hill of Guard. — Encyclopedia Arda

Tower of Anor, The city of Minas Tirith. — Encyclopedia Arda

City of the Kings, A title of two cities. — Encyclopedia Arda

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