Minas Morgul

Sindarin: Minas Morgul ‘Tower of Sorcery’ (as also known in English, German)

Sindarin: Minas Ithil ‘Tower of the Moon’

Minas Morgul / Minas Ithil — Tolkien Gateway

Minas Morgul — The Thain's Book

Minas Ithil, Isildur's Tower of the Moon. — Encyclopedia Arda

Minas Morgul, The Tower of Sorcery. — Encyclopedia Arda

Moontower, A name for the tower of Minas Ithil. — Encyclopedia Arda

Tower of Sorcery, A dark name for Minas Morgul. — Encyclopedia Arda

Tower of the Moon, The tower of Minas Ithil. — Encyclopedia Arda

Tower of the Rising Moon, Minas Ithil beneath the Ephel DĂșath. — Encyclopedia Arda

Morgul, The city of the Ringwraiths and its vale. — Encyclopedia Arda

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