Sindarin: Fangorn ‘Beard-tree’ (as also known in English, German)

Quenya: Aldalómë ‘Tree-night’

Quenya: Ambaróna

English: Treebeard's Forest

Aldalómë — Tolkien Gateway

Ambaróna — Tolkien Gateway

Eastwood / Fangorn Forest — Tolkien Gateway

Entwood — Tolkien Gateway

Aldalómë, A name for Fangorn Forest. — Encyclopedia Arda

Ambaróna, An ancient name for Fangorn Forest. — Encyclopedia Arda

East End, An old name for Fangorn Forest. — Encyclopedia Arda

Entwood, A name among Men for the Forest of Fangorn. — Encyclopedia Arda

Fangorn Forest, Last home of the Ents in the West of Middle-earth. — Encyclopedia Arda

Forest of Fangorn, The ancient forest beneath the southern Misty Mountains. — Encyclopedia Arda

Tauremorna, The Forest of Fangorn. — Encyclopedia Arda

Ent-houses — Encyclopedia Arda

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